John Forster’s pitch-perfect musical response to Admissions Scandal… 26 years before it happened

Note: I took a couple of weeks off to hang out with out-of-town family and work a lot, but will be back next Sunday with some sort of story….here’s a brief and entertaining (thanks to John Forster) take on the college admissions debacle.

Wait!? You got a Ph.D. and an MD, you took all your own entrance exams and your parents didn’t to bribe anyone to get you in? How does that even work!?

Once upon a time, I didn’t have to listen to the radio or read Rolling Stone to find out what was new and good.

That’s because I was a music journalist. Between 1993 and 1996, it was a rare day in the newsroom if a small stack of about-to-be released CDs didn’t arrive.

I’d review four or five in my bi-weekly column, “Fresh Sounds.”

By now, of course, many of those sounds are stale. Or forgotten. But occasionally, something will happen in the world and suddenly one of those tunes becomes absolutely relevant.

Such is the case with John Forster’sBye Bye Future,” thanks to the college admissions scandal.

There’s prescient, and there’s funny, and there’s Forster. He’s the entire package and deserves a wide audience, especially in these times.

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