Repo Week-Day 4: Burning Down the House would be easier

I will not lie. It is a slog. I'm not entirely sure how good of an idea this was.....
I will not lie. It is a slog. I’m not entirely sure how good of an idea this was…..

Yesterday I reached the place where you decide that starting from scratch would be easier. Which was quickly followed by advice from the voice in my head.

“You should have just burned the house down.”

Then I thought about the logistics, and of saving my musical instruments (the dog and cat were already outside with me, of course). I will try to plow into today’s work with that in my head. And, of course, the Talking Heads.

Later, my friend Molly sent me an e-mail and said her daughter asked her if she knew that I was a hoarder.

I sent her a one-line response, based on the following:

When Sweetheart and I moved from the other house and the movers showed up, I was apprehensive about the amount of stuff we had and that it wasn’t exactly completely packed. (It was largely packed, but not completely.)

“Is this the worst you’ve ever seen?”

The movers – a crew of older guys – laughed.

“Not by a long shot!” one said.

“Have you ever walked into a house and walked out?” Sweetheart was asking.

The response was a chorus of yeses.

I swallowed, took a deep breath, and asked The Question.”

“Are we hoarders?”

The trio looked around, considering the question.

Finally one spoke.

The other two nodded in assent. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Which is why my response to Molly’s e-mail was, “Tell Sophie the movers diagnosed us as packrats.”

Anyway, my sister arrived last night. She’s going to spend most of her time here with Mom, which is great. But Debby, who has also struggled with the same kinds of organizational issues around stuff (yes, it does stem back to our Family of Origin, and we both thank you for noticing), has promised to have a toss party with me this morning.

Except she just came downstairs and announced that she is leaving.

I’m on my own, and a bit freaked out.

But at least I have a mantra.

Note to self: “The instruments. Your first thought was to save the musical instruments. Try to remember this.”

Stay tuned.

Update: Debby called from the nursing home. Mom wants us to all have lunch together, and then Debby is going to come back here and help me with Operation Paredown. Just called in to our default Thai restaurant for takeout, but am going to share a picture what I’ve managed to get done on my own this morning.

Picture of study
This is what I managed to get accomplished this morning. Everything that happens after this will be sister-assisted.

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